Montblancc | The efficient organization of the purchasing process
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The efficient organization of the purchasing process

The efficient organization of the purchasing process

It is betterforeveryoneif a purchasingprocess is optimized. There is always room forimprovement. It is important todividetheprocessintophasesandto look at eachphasewhereimprovement is needed. Whatphases does thepurchasingprocessconsist of? Andhowcanitbe made more efficient?

Phases of thepurchasing process

The purchasingprocessconsists of 6 phases, which we have listedforyou below.

  1. Specify (thepurchasingrequirement)
  2. Select (fromthesuppliers)
  3. To contract
  4. Purchase
  5. Monitor the correct delivery
  6. Aftercare

The efficientorganization of thepurchasingprocess must bedone as efficiently as possible. It is oftenthe case thatpurchasing is donefrommany different suppliers. Whileit is betterto keep thiswith a limitednumber of suppliers or even to 1. Youonly have 1 point of contact, 1 invoiceand 1 payment term. Thatsaves a lot of hassleand time. Thisalsosaves a lot of paperwork, which is a very time-consuming job. Youcanalsoreducethenumber of suppliersby means of invoicemanagement. This is donethroughthefollowing points:

  • Replacing a large group of supplierswith 1 total supplier.
  • Digitizingandautomatinginvoices.

Outsource purchasing

Outsourcing procurementcan have manyadvantages. This way you keep everything in your hands, but it does not have tobecarried out byyourownpeople. You continue todeterminewhichproducts are purchased. The purchasingprocesscanbeorganized more efficientlyby means of a sourcetopayservice. Fromsourcingtopayment. Thisreducesthesupplier base by up to 80% andthusalsolowersthe TCO. The TCO standsforthe Total Cost of Ownership, which is thetotalcost of purchasingandowning a product or service.

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