Montblancc | How to create a typical Italian evening at home
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How to create a typical Italian evening at home

How to create a typical Italian evening at home

Italy is a lovely country with much to see and to do. The country has a beautiful culture and there is nothing quite like an Italian evening under the stars. That’s why, in this article, we give you a couple of tips to create a typical Italian night at home. 

Would you like to go on holiday to Italy, but don’t have time for it yet? Create a tiny trip to the country in your backyard! 

Create the right ambiance

A good evening starts with the right ambiance. Do you have Spotify? Make yourself a nice playlist full of Italian music that fits your evening. Put out the lights and place some nice mood lighting in the trees or plants of your garden. Make sure the table is nicely set, with a tablecloth, nice cutlery and polished wine glasses. Maybe you can even put on some candles, to complete the scene. 

The food

There is nothing more important than good food, so make sure you prepare (or buy) the best dinner you ever had. To make an Italian dinner, you can start with carpaccio, or bruschetta. Those are two typical Italian appetizers. 

For the main, you can go for a pasta dish, or choose the famous pizza from Monte Pizza Crust. Pizza might not be the most fancy dish, but you can’t get more Italian than pizza. Still wanting a fancy dinner? Give your pizza that little bit extra, by choosing some unusual toppings, like goat cheese, ansjovis, or pumpkin. That way you and your guests will feel like they had a sophisticated meal.

For dessert you can do quite a lot. Of course you could choose for a simple, Italian cappuccino, but that would be a bit too modest. Get your aprons on and prepare the best panna cotta, tiramisu, cannoli, crostata ricotta or zuccotto. Italians love their desserts, so don’t be afraid to make too much. 

Get the right wine

Wine is important for an Italian dinner, so get yourself the best Italian wine you can find. Visit the liquor store and discuss your menu with the shopkeeper. He knows very well what wine fits best with your dish. Don’t forget to ask for a nice drink afterwards, like limoncello. This way you make sure your evening is complete.

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