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Staying Professionally Chic In The Heat

Staying Professionally Chic In The Heat

Whether you live in a warm climate year round or you are just trying to survive summer’s heat till autumn’s cool arrive the following quick and easy professional style tips will keep you cool and have you looking professionally chic in any heat.


Select fabrics that are natural / man-made blends that consist of at least 51% natural fiber, such has a 55% cotton 45% polyester blend. This will give you the coolness of a natural fabric without the wrinkles. Choose jackets with ¾ sleeves. They are cooler than full sleeves and more professional looking than short sleeves. Light and bright colors works well in warm weather but do not use loud bold color combinations and prints. Dress in layers to adjust to the high heat outside / air conditioning inside temperature changes you will experience. A ¾ sleeve jacket over a sleeveless shell or a summer twin set is are excellent solutions for temperature changes. A cool alternative to pantyhose are thigh – highs they allow air to circulate better then pantyhose and will keep you cooler. Wear slightly larger jewelry it will give you a more polished look. Instead of a simple pendant on a chain try a triple strand of pearls. Avoid plunging necklines, extremely short hemlines, sheer fabrics, cloth handbags and briefcases, open toe shoes, sandals and flip flops.

Make – Up

Opt for a lighter make-up routine. Heavy make-up in high heat can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Before applying your makeup rub an ice cube over your face. It will help makeup last longer and prevent smudging. Use waterproof cosmetics. After applying your makeup brush your face with face powder it will set your makeup and prevent shine.


Wear your hair in a simple flattering yet professional style. Hair grows faster in warmer months so be sure to have your hair trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. With hot weather comes limp and frizzy hair. To correct this problem use only hair products designed specifically to treat your hair type and problem. If you pull your hair back be sure to use only quality accessories. Avoid using plastic clips and rubber bands they will detract from your professional image.

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